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How much does your building weigh Mr. Foster?

I’ve been recently told by a librarian -not an architect, funny, uh?!- about this documentary. It’s a must see not only for any architect but for any sensible soul, given its beauty; the relationship between: art, spiritual and material world, that Foster‘s designs and construccions so well show.

This is a link to the full youtube video

Among other subjects, the sustainability is the primal matter that worries Mr. Foster and the one he cares the most in his projects. We learn through the film that, while the developement in the Western World took 200 years, it’ll only take a few decades in the emerging economies. Architects have to make possible that this inevitable process doesn’t lead to the extintion of humanity as species -these are Foster‘s literal words, at the Ibory Press Debates, in Madrid, 2009.

The final part of the film presents the experimental design of Masdar City, a project that the architect has undertaken in Abu Dhabi. In the Ibory Press in Madrid 2009, he claims that it’s unbelieveable, it’s shocking, that given what’s at stake, there’s only one such a project as Masdar City and that there should be a hundred other urban experiments like that one. It’s an issue for political initiatives before it’s too late.